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Travel Insurance
 Peace of mind...

Guarantee of medical expenses incurred during hospitalization and payment of emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, transportation of mortal remains and return of minor children, etc…

  1. Travel assistance:

  • Luggage Loss: 

Limits of this cover:

    • Plan A US$ 25/kg Up to 40kg.
    • Plan B US$ 20/kg Up to 40kg.
    • Plan C US$ 15/kg Up to 40kg.
  • Trip cancellation:

The Insurance Company shall indemnify the Insured Person in respect of all irrecoverable deposits, advance payments and other charges paid or due to be paid for travel and/or accommodation up to the limit stated in the schedule of benefits, in the event of the Insured Person’s Covered Trip being necessarily cancelled due to many detailed reasons.

Limits of this cover:

    • Plan A up to US$ 200
    • Plan B up to US$ 150
    • Plan C up to US$ 100
  • Flight cancellation:

In the event that a flight is delayed for more than six (6) hours and then cancelled by the Airline.

  • Limit in the aggregate, known accumulation:
    • Plan A up to US$ 2,000
    • Plan B up to US$ 1,500
    • Plan C up to US$ 1,000
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