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Best time to visit: The UAE draws sun seekers from all corners of the globe due to the fact that it is blessed with year-round sunshine, blue skies and very little rain. The best time to visit is between October and April, when temperatures hover at a pleasant 25-28°C and the Gulf is perfect for swimming.

The hottest time of year is during the sweltering summer months of June to September, when humidity can seem unbearable and temperatures can skyrocket to 45°C. The country is well prepared for hot weather, however, with temperature controlled swimming pools and permanently air-conditioned hotels, malls, taxis and metros. Rain and wind can occur in the months of January.

Required clothing: Layering is your best bet; wear light clothing outside and bring a jumper or sweatshirt for the heavily air-conditioned buildings around the cities. During November to March, warmer clothes are advised for evening. A hat and high factor sun block is also advisable - a day on the beach in the strong summer sun is an easy recipe for sunstroke and sunburn. If visiting during the summer, make like the residents and visit the beaches early in the morning and later in the evening.