Travel Insurance

Peace of Mind…

We offer our clients the travel insurance through our partners who have high level of credibility.

So, the Insurance Company shall provide the following Services:

Medical Assistance

Guarantee of medical expenses incurred during hospitalization and payment of emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, transportation of mortal remains and return of minor children, etc…

  • Emergency Medical Expenses:

Up to 65,000$-200,000$ (Depends on Assistance Plan)

   Travel Assistance

  • Luggage Loss: 

Limits of this cover:

  • Plan A US$ 25/kg Up to 40kg.
  • Plan B US$ 20/kg Up to 40kg.
  • Plan C US$ 15/kg Up to 40kg.
  • Trip cancellation:

The Insurance Company shall indemnify the Insured Person in respect of all irrecoverable deposits, advance payments and other charges paid or due to be paid for travel and/or accommodation up to the limit stated in the schedule of benefits, in the event of the Insured Person’s Covered Trip being necessarily cancelled due to many detailed reasons.

  • Limits of this cover:
    • Plan A up to US$ 5000
    • Plan B up to US$ 5000
    • Plan C up to US$ 2000
  • Flight cancellation:

In the event that a flight is delayed for more than six (6) hours and then cancelled by the Airline.

  • Plan A up to US$ 200
  • Plan B up to US$ 200
  • Plan C up to US$ 150

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